Stone Port Ltd. - Toronto Tile Store

No matter what size or demands an area might require, our team of designers at Stone Port can truly inject life and passion into a commercial area where a combination of differing colors and design will elicit emotion. From conceptual design through fabrication, we can work with almost any stone material to create a floor and wall treatment that will be a unique masterpiece surviving the test of time.


This is a collection of marble inlays that have been favorites of our clients over the years. These timeless pieces will add an element of distinction in any home or commercial area.


Simplicity contains a king of energy that can push away all of life's complexity, and create an environment of concentration and growth. The Melisa Collection has an element of simplicity, as it's soft combination of colors and design create peace and tranquility.


The complexity of design and use of exotic marbles in the Royal Collection evokes a sense of deference and sophistication, as these works of art are befitting of royalty.

Marble Inlay Borders

The use of marble inlay borders and inserts can do wonders over a floor area. The intricate designs and distinct colors will attract attention and show true craftsmanship.